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Saturday, September 7, 2013

**Herbal First Aid Kit for the Car**

Hello again!

As I search the hundreds of contacts I have related to natural health, I came across this gem of a site.

Dancing in a Field of Tansy: Updated: Herbal First Aid Kit for the Car
Dancing in a Field of Tansy has several very informative posts related to herbal/aromatherapy/botanical/natural health. Included on this site is an area for prepping for emergencies which this post relates too. Certainly I didn't start out thinking there was some big emergency looming, but we all need to consider the fact that in an emergency setting, we are much, much better off prepared. This first aid kit takes care of that.

I've put together simple kits for my home and car before but this kit REALLY covers all the basics and goes beyond. I love that herbal remedies are combined with conventional bandages and items you can buy at any CVS type of store, even a suture kit for an extreme emergency. Even better, she goes on to list a link where you can watch videos prepared by a MD on how to suture (again, for the extreme emergency that hopefully you'll never encounter).

I myself am studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy so I plan on making my own salves and tonics. Most people, however, don't know how to make these items or chose not to, so I've listed three excellent websites that carry these products. All are affordable, ship quickly and have excellent customer service.

A wonderful company to purchase high quality essential oils (also very affordable) that are in this kit is:

Use code Organic to get 10% off your order. Spark Naturals is truly a one stop shop for everything EO at affordable prices and they ship super fast.

For the herbal tinctures, Mountain Rose Herbs is fantastic-
At the top right you can 'search' for the
Plantain Tincture
Willow Tincture
Echinacea Tincture
It's easy, if you're like me and enjoy herbs and teas, to get carried away at MRH-so many unique items!

Here is another fantastic online site for everything natural-supplements, body care and health care, it's HUGE. Affordable prices, fast shipping, great customer service.
Iherb can not be beat, it has over 35,000 products.
http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=WFQ141  look for the elixirs, ginger and enzymes here.

You can customize your first aid kit with what YOU need easily through these three online companies, all of which I've dealt with many times. For most everything else, any local drugstore should have the items in this kit.

I'm going to make it my goal to make this within the next two weeks. I challenge you to try this also. Come follow me on Pinterest, I have many DIY salves and health-items pinned there: http://pinterest.com/heatherd0726/boards/

Hope this post has inspired you today, enjoy and please share this page with others-I'm still small but have big goals and dreams :).

Blessings- Heather

Dancing in a Field of Tansy: Updated: Herbal First Aid Kit for the Car

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