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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moved Out of Tennessee 5 Years Ago, Now Back and Loving it!

Well....it's been a stressful, amazing, beautiful month!

Those of you who know me personally, know how much I love Knoxville, Tennessee. How much I love the vibe of the town, the friendly, outgoing people, the pride that radiates. Having family here makes it that much more awesome.
When the husband and I decided to leave it 5 years ago, it was a rough decision to say the least and it was a 'lets move but give it a year or two and decide if we want to move back' sort of decision. All due to a job. Well, we're back (at least the kids and I are, for now) and loving it.
I can not TELL you the difference it has made overall in my happiness, patience and excitement for life. Again. I've always been a very outgoing, friendly, get along with everyone type of gal but the move away from here really was hard on me.

But, I'm BACK. I wake up ready to take on the world. I go about my day with absolute joy and contentment. I go to sleep thanking God for the blessing of being back 'home'.

Enough of all that.

About my new blog...I've been told for several years now that I should blog. It's a natural 'fit' for my talky-talky personality and my love for natural health/medicine and health/parenting education. And crafts. And food. And gardening. And crafts. I adore creating cool things :). Even cool crafts that improve your health! I'm not kidding! My favs for health education-herbal medicine, aromatherapy and energy medicine ('energy' is harnessed in CAT scans and other medical equipment but the type of energy I'll present has to do with natural, God-given, everybody-has-it energy).

The fact that I'm slammed with 4 kids and their ever-expanding activities doesn't help with leading discussion groups or teaching classes anymore BUT blogging is another story :).
So many have helped educate me over the years, MUCH better education than my years in college and grad school. Especially the fantastic moms I met through Holistic Moms Network in Knoxville (you know who you are ladies, you're the greatest!).

Educate educate educate! Helping one another do the very best we can do is something we can all appreciate. Many of us don't have the desire, ability, resources or know-how to find out the important 'stuff'.

Sometimes we need 'shortcuts' and I'm here to help with that.

Let me find the great stories, articles, news outlets, information, education that will help YOU and YOUR family. I'll keep it short and sweet but VERY informative for you. And....sometimes I'll throw a cool craft idea or recipe in the mix.

Grab a nice cup of organic tea, walk outside and take a seat in a comfy chair. Take your shoes off and relax your feet in the grass (this is 'grounding' and the health benefits are fantastic, that's for another time). I hope what I have to present to you is helpful and enjoyable and somehow blesses you and your family.

Hugs :)

Organic Mom, Heather (follow me on FB-Organic Mom)

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